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What's new for November 2023


What's new for November 2023

01 November 2023

Autumn is nearly over, and Christmas is rapidly approaching. Time continues to fly!

As you may have already seen we have had a very busy fourth quarter with ten new brokers already either live or signed up. Still, alongside this activity we have continued to add new features and improve performance.


We've been focussed on improving performance and increasing the ease with which certain deals can be presented and highlighted. Changes include:

  • Automated publishing of offers and rate books from one broker site to another, with automatic expiry.
  • Increased granularity when sharing offers and rate books to another broker/site so you can share either or both.
  • A Tagged Special Offers block, enabling the broker to show offers matching selected tags.
  • Performance improvements for special offer blocks.
  • Performance improvements for hubs.
  • Added categories to news articles.
  • The addition of miles/kWh for EVs on the website and quotes.
  • Integration options from MotorComplete to the QV accelerate CRM.
  • Added option to require the user to select a paint colour when inquiring on stock vehicles.

CRM and Pricing

We've made a major change to support a new broker, introducing a simple tool to allow you to easily adjust rentals on rate books and special offers.

  • Introduced a Modifiers system, for rate books and special offers. If you would like this added to your platform, please get in touch.
  • We have created an integration end point to receive enquiries from other websites.
  • You can now add a Dealer when creating a special offer. This is viewable on the front end, in the broker bar, and also in the CRM.
  • The commission field in rate books and special offers is now mandatory, so it cannot be missed off in error!
  • We have automated file transfers in place with many of the aggregators, allowing you to schedule twice per day, or to push on demand.

Moving forward, we are making changes to Marketing Preferences on the website and CRM, adding new rate book processing, and focussing on closing some of the gaps with aggregators to enable tagging, and to allow for leads to be added directly to your CRM, as we currently do for some.

Finally a warm welcome to our new brokers who have recently gone live, including Car Leasing Solutions, CGR Contract Hire, V4B, DreamLease, GB Car Leasing and All Vans Online.