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What's new for November 2022


What's new for November 2022

01 November 2022

Well, time certainly flies. It seems like yesterday we were writing the last update for October. Before we know it Christmas will be upon us.

We have another new broker to welcome on board with MotorComplete. Global Car Leasing have been fun to work with, and we are delighted to have Graham and the team on board. The launch was a good example of how flexible we can be, in terms of how much needs to be done to 'go live'. Some brokers want to get something up and running as quickly as they can, and then work on the content and details as they go, and other prefer a more considered approach, over several weeks. We can happily support either.

Through our community tool we provide the brokers with a clear view of our backlog, priorities and what we are working on currently. We try to plan three months in advance, and then consider the relative importance of anything pressing that emerges as a request.

Our brokers have kept our engineers busy, and we have delivered over ten further enhancements in October. Highlights of the changes include further automation in the CRM for renewal emails, so you can set up the timing for when you want the email to send, and of course customise the content on the template. This functionality will also be particularly useful to support Consumer Duty-type communications.

We've also continued to improve the proposal form, so that it can now easily be resumed by a customer, without losing any progress, making it easier for the customer to complete and increasing the certainty of getting the proposal form completed quickly.

Other changes to the website include:

  • Automatically redirecting a 404 page where a special offer has expired to the manufacturer page on the website
  • Further enhancements to van search to include further technical data such as weights and dimensions
  • Excess mileage charges are now more prominent for vehicles on the website
  • SEO improvements via a change to Canonicals for filter URLs

And for the CRM:

  • Credit expiry dates have been added for finance proposals and it is easy to set a task for alerts when the date approaches
  • The excess mileage is now an editable field on the Customer Order
  • Date range filters have been added to the sales dashboard for enquiries and opportunities
  • The quote PDF can now be optionally attached to the finance proposal for dealer finance
  • The workflow for Auto Quote has been modified so a quote will still be raised if the customer has made notes against the enquiry. However, the broker is alerted to check these notes against the record
  • The brokers will have an option of by-passing the enquiry stage and have all enquiries automatically created as opportunities