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What's new for May 2024


What's new for May 2024

01 May 2024

We'd like to start by welcoming eight new brokers who joined MotorComplete, with sites going live in April and early May. Well done to Carnato, Van Broker UK, MPH Vehicle Solutions, Jacksons Leasing, Cuerden Consultants, Carisma Vehicle Solutions, Ram Automotive and Stable Vehicle Leasing.

Our hard work and collaboration with Wessex Fleet came to fruition, with MotorComplete providing the websites for Wessex Fleet's AR proposition, with six new broker sites going live so far. A big thank you to all involved.

At the start of the quarter, we put a lot of focus into ensuring smooth and effective processing of funder rate books, by implementing a new approach. It worked, and we've had some great feedback, with one broker confirming that four full Novuna rate books were processed and loaded in less than 12 minutes! We will roll this out to all brokers moving forward.

New features include...

  • Updated task management system, allowing any person to complete an open task, even when it is assigned to someone else.
  • BCC functionality added to Quote and Customer Order emails, allowing them to be sent to multiple people.
  • New rate book support for Lex PCH.
  • Updated support for Ogilvie rate books in their new format.
  • Brokers can now create quotes for PCP and HP. We have more work planned here, to enable the quote to be downloaded as a PDF.
  • Added 'Page list' block to the CMS. This has replaced the 'Home Hubs List' block, but can be used on any page, and allows for other types of pages to be chosen, not just Hubs.
  • Added a setting to allow brokers to stop emails being sent out to customers, where other third-party solutions are handling this.
  • Made it easier to find associated renewals when searching for a contact in the CRM.
  • Improved Custom Forms, allowing for headings, spacers, and dividers.

If you have any questions or ideas, or would like a free demo, please get in touch.