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What's new for June 2023


What's new for June 2023

01 June 2023

We've been hard at work over the past few weeks, implementing significant and valuable changes to our platform including the integration of funder APIs. We'd also like to extend our congratulations to Leasoo on the successful launch of their new broker website on the MotorComplete Platform. Working with Mike and the team has been a pleasure, and we're excited to see how their innovative approach to providing affordable leasing options to individuals with less than perfect credit develops. This launch involved a more extensive setup, including direct API integration with their funder, enabling immediate decisions to be available online and via the CRM, as well as integration with their telephony platform.

Website updates

  • Lex API integration: We have integrated the Lex API to provide real-time pricing information.
  • We have made the quote button on mobile 'sticky' so that it remains prominent and accessible whilst you scroll
  • Special offer blocks: We've added the capability to include special offer blocks on general web pages.
  • Upgrade to Image block type to allow for different images to be displayed on mobile devices.
  • Customisable rental terms: Brokers can now set rental terms, such as showing 3 months, 10,000 miles, and 36-month terms.
  • Commission value display: The broker information bar on the vehicle search results now includes the commission value.
  • Proposal form changes: The proposal form has been updated to accommodate additional requirements for retired applicants from VWFS and RCI.

CRM enhancements

  • Multiple ratebook integrations, so we display the rate from the funder selected, but also present to the broker the rates from other funders
  • Telephony system integration: We've integrated a third-party telephony system, enabling incoming calls to open the CRM and outbound calls to be made directly from the CRM. All call events are recorded in the CRM opportunity timeline.
  • Mazda Financial Services rate book auto loading: The rate book for Mazda Financial Services is now automatically loaded into the CRM.
  • Additional email triggers: We've added more triggers for event type emails, enhancing automation capabilities.
  • Mandatory lead source field: The lead source field can now be set as mandatory if desired.
  • Generic webhook: A generic webhook has been implemented to send updates to third-party systems when opportunity status changes.
  • New UTM events/marketing reporting: We've introduced new reporting capabilities for tracking UTM events and marketing efforts.
  • Opportunity income report enhancement: A new report has been added to track opportunity income based on orders, complementing the existing report based on deliveries.
  • Changes to Opportunity Income, Delivery Income, and Sales Team Conversion reports: These reports have been modified and amended to improve accuracy and usability.

Lastly, we're excited to announce our attendance at the BVRLA Leasing Broker Conference on June 21. We look forward to catching up with any of you who will be attending as well.