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What's new for January 2023


What's new for January 2023

01 January 2023

I'm sure you'll agree that 2022 was a challenging year for all in the industry, and we're grateful to the more than twenty brokers we have on-board for their support and ideas. Keep it coming!

This is the first blog post of 2023 and there is so much to report, with over twenty five changes completed, including many excellent additions to the MotorComplete Broker Website and CRM platform, that will assist our brokers and their customers.

We are delighted to welcome four new brokers in 2023, who have all gone live, and are already making successful use of the leasing website and CRM software. A warm welcome to Ivan, Craig and the team at Britannia Car Leasing, Paul and the Team at GWA, Mel and team at Carzu, and Andy and the team at Contract Cars. The deal with Contract Cars is unusual, as they are using only our Ratebook and Pricing engine to support incoming enquiries from customers. This ensures their sales consultants have access to pricing across all funders at their fingertips.

We already have in place the best website for brokers to lease their cars and vans through, and a lightning fast pricing system for rate books, special offers and creating feeds to aggregators. As the platform and our client base has grown it has been important to add more depth to the CRM, to support post vehicle order administration and reporting.


Here are some of the main changes:

  • A new section within the Vehicle Purchase Orders screen to allow the delivery of the vehicle to be managed more easily, considering cooling off periods (driven by finance document dates). Plus the ability to automate emails that manage the vehicle delivery to customers, requesting dates from dealers and offering up to 3 delivery dates. All these supporting emails can be edited within the email settings and sent by sales administrators when required.
  • A new section for the management of the Finance Documents with funders, including dealer finance. Plus a new menu item 'Finance Documents' to view and access finance documents that are in progress.
  • Access to Other Income and Bonuses, in the Deal Income panel, can now be determined by user role.
  • Changes have been made to the vehicle order screen so commission is visible and can be amended if required.
  • Changes have been made to allow invoice and sales contacts for both Funders and dealer records. This aids the invoice integration with Xero.
  • Both dealer and funder commission invoices can be created from the Deal Income section in CRM and posted to Xero.
  • We have positioned the view opportunity button within CRM so it is always visible and accessible from the various screens.
  • Salesperson is now assigned to a contact record, not just an opportunity. This enhances the round robin feature as leads can be allocated to a salesperson already assigned to a contact record.
  • A salesperson now receives an email notification when an opportunity has been assigned to them - this greatly enhances the round robin functionality where leads can be automatically allocated in turn.
  • There is a new 'chased' status for quotes to aid the sales process.


On the reporting side of things we have added:

  • Improvements to date pickers and filters for reporting.
  • An improved referral report.
  • New stages to the Salesperson breakdown report to reflect the standard broker sales funnel.
  • Add a new field to allow contacts to be split by the type of finance taken e.g. BCH / PCH.


And on the website:

  • We have added social media share buttons to the offer details pages.
  • A slideshow block has been added.
  • Added text alignment setting to Rich Text Blocks.
  • Added a new CRM setting to make the source of enquiry on the website mandatory if required.
  • The logic on Auto Quoting has been changed so a quote will still be generated if the customer inserts notes against the enquiry. The only time a quote is not raised is where there is no price available.
  • Improvements have been made to SEO regarding sitemap and canonicals.


We are finishing off two big changes on the CRM, adding a Sales and Administration Dashboard. You can currently see this marked as 'beta'. We will let you know when it is ready.

Later this month we will share with all of you the plans for 2023 and give you the opportunity to vote for changes that are under consideration but not yet committed to a delivery date.

Finally we plan to launch a referral scheme, where we will reward any of you for referring to us a prospect that signs up and goes live on MotorComplete. Watch your email for news on this.