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What's new for February 2023


What's new for February 2023

01 February 2023

The product and development team have had arguably their busiest month releasing over 30 changes and improvements across the platform. Many of the changes are based on feedback from existing users. We believe we are now reaching a level of maturity on the leasing broker CRM side of the platform to match the already best in class website and CMS and pricing engine.

Before going into further detail on the changes, we are really pleased to welcome LeaseMate to the MotorComplete platform. LeaseMate are part of a larger group that includes the well known Jordans Cars dealership and the Fuelmate fuel card product. We have enjoyed working with Jake, Peter and the team to get the site live and we are looking forward to the future working together.

New reports

New Reports have been added to the reporting suite that include:

  • Delivery income - the commission and income for delivered vehicles
  • Opportunity Income - the commission and income for vehicles opportunities, not delivered (essentially a pipeline)
  • Sales Person Conversion - the ratio of opportunities to finance proposals sent, dealer orders sent, and the percentage of conversions by Special Offer, Funder, and whether maintained or customer maintained
  • Daily Deliveries - displaying the vehicle, contract and customer information
  • Live Contracts - a report of all live contracts
  • Live Contract Extensions - a report of contract extensions with fees and revised end date
  • Renewal records - now available by salesperson

Email templates

We have made several changes to our automated and CRM driven email templates, including:

  • The addition of some simple formatting for those wanting to use HTML you can access the source code to create more visually interesting content.
  • {Company Name} tag can now be inserted into email templates. This is useful for dealer orders and delivery confirmation where company names are needed.
  • You can now blind copy in a general recipient to all emails that are generated from the CRM. As this is limited to one email address, we recommend using rules in your email client to file these copies so they can be retrieved easily and resent if required.

Please contact our support desk to have your chosen BCC email set up.

CRM improvements

  • We have changed the way the data is presented in the Finance Documents menu, with this section only holding the status of finance documents being processed and not the finance proposal. In a similar way we have streamlined the Vehicle Purchase Orders menu, and this menu is purely to manage the purchase order process with the dealer.
  • Finance proposal forms can be downloaded as a CSV file as well as a PDF. The CSV file includes the vehicle details and contract details in additional to the proposal fields:
    • QuoteReference
    • LeaseType
    • CapId
    • CapOptionIds
    • ContractTerm
    • AnnualMileage
    • InitialPayment
    • Maintenance
    • ModelYear
    • InitialRentalIncVat
    • MonthlyFinancePriceIncVat
    • MonthlyMaintenancePriceIncVat
  • To assist with management of pricing and ratebooks, we have added two more funders for ratebook loading automation: Ogilvie and VW Financial Services (VWFS).
  • A major enhancement is the addition of further conditions on the settings for Rate Books and Offers. Currently you can define vehicle exclusion lists, you can now additionally determine what terms you offer across rate books and special offers, by selecting the initial payments, contract terms and annual mileages options.
  • Autoquote can now be excluded for specific rate books and offers. This is controlled via a tick box in the rate book / offer creation screens ‘exclude from auto quote’
  • We have introduced a CRM setting so that source of enquiry can be set as a mandatory option within the Opportunity screen and will need to be selected by the salesperson. This setting is located on the CMS content menu, select CRM settings and then “Require opportunity lead source’
  • We have made improvements to the vehicle quotation screen where the funder and contract terms have been merged. Here you can see if the vehicle is a special offer or in stock. These stock and special offer fields are now visible on ‘vehicle details’ screen which is accessible from the customer order and vehicle order screens
  • We have added the ability to record an expected delivery date to customer – useful if you are liaising with a dealer over the availability. This expected delivery date to the customer will then pull through on the vehicle purchase order input screen, when you place the order.

Other changes

  • On the website, with transparency becoming increasingly critical from a Consumer Duty perspective, you can now add further disclaimers onto the website to the vehicle listings view and the vehicle details page. To add in disclaimers, use the CMS, go to Settings and Themes and you will find blocks to put in the text for models and offers.
  • We have made further changes for the integration for Lease GAP insurance from AutoProtect Group (APG) to include the automation of introductory emails for personal contract hire customers. This happens at 2 stages of the order process:
    1. Post Dealer Order Confirmation
      This is after the vehicle is ordered. This will trigger once the dealer order status is set to ‘on order’ in case of delays in the dealer being able to sign the order.
    2. Post Delivery Date Confirmation
      This is after the delivery date has been confirmed and relies on the delivery date confirmed being input in the Vehicle Order screen

Of course, you can use this functionality to send automate the sending of other information to clients at these points in time, but remember it is only set for personal contracts. Already in place is the powerful feature to automate email via the email templates and event driven automation. These are found under Settings, CRM, Email Templates and Email Events.

Last but not least, we have added functionality to enable UTM tags to be included in a URL so that where a customer a customer clicks on the link, from social media or email marketing, the CRM recognises the source of the enquiry / click.