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What's new for December 2022


What's new for December 2022

01 December 2022

Well, it’s nearly Christmas, so time to have a bit of a break and hopefully some fun! Here's a recap of what's been happening at MotorComplete.

Firstly, the team at AutoPlatforms would like to thank our users, and say how much we’ve enjoyed working together. With over 20 brokers now using the platform, we are delighted to be able to reflect on a very successful year, and we are looking forward to a busy and exciting 2023.

A few weeks ago we attended the Leasing Broker Federation Awards event, where we sponsored and presented two of the awards. We would like to congratulate the winners again and also thank the LBF. For more information visit

We’ve just released another update, including many new features. Some of these are requests from new brokers going live in January, others are based on your feedback, or improvements we have identified from observing how the platform is being used.


With this update we've focused on improving vehicle orders and contract management.

  • Added option to enable a new enquiry to go straight to an opportunity, without having to create a lead.
  • Where Autoquote is enabled, the thank you email sent to a prospect for their enquiry has been stopped, as the customer will receive the quote email immediately.
  • Pending enquiries (enquiries that have not been responded to within a given timeframe, configurable by the user) are now shown on the sales dashboard.
  • Added a new field to record the finance approval expiry date for finance agreements.
  • Added the ability to save supporting documentation relating to the finance agreement and record the various statuses of the finance before the contract is made live.
  • Added a comments box for the broker to use on the Customer Order form. This allows additional notes that are specific to the order to be sent with the standard email template.
  • Automatically send an SMS message to the customer requesting the processing fee once the customer order is confirmed.
  • Changes to the Dealer Orders, renaming them Vehicle Orders, with a specific notes section relating to that order.
  • Added dealer commission field to the Deal Income panel, making it easier to check.
  • Additional order statuses and email templates to support the arrangement of vehicle delivery e.g. request delivery date, confirm delivery date.
  • A new screen in CRM for 'Live Contracts'. Once an opportunity is flagged as 'Closed won' and the order status is 'Delivered', vehicles will be displayed here and early terminations and extensions can be managed.
  • Additional date filters have been added to many of the pages.


  • Finance proposals can now be resumed, so if a customer doesn’t fully complete the form, they can continue later, without losing any information that has been previously entered.
  • We have completed extensive SEO work based on independent auditing of the platform, and detailed assessment of two live brokers.

Have a great Christmas, and all the best from everyone here at AutoPlatforms.