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What's new for August 2023


What's new for August 2023

01 August 2023

We hope you've all managed to have some sort of break over the summer and that you are now returning to work revitalised!

Our update for August is a little later than usual, but full of great new features.

We've made it a great deal easier to send deals to aggregators, adding automation to the already powerful feeds system. We also added the ability to send SMS messages from the CRM; a great way of grabbing the customer's attention.

Website & CMS updates

  • We've redesigned the layout of the Dealer Order screen, to better reflect the natural sequence an order will take, and simplify the process of creating a new order.
  • We have added the option to send templated messages out by SMS from the CRM, this is found in the righthand panel under Communication.
  • Renewal emails are no longer sent out at midnight.
  • An email alert will be sent to the broker when the Customer Order is signed.
  • An email alert will be sent to the Sales Administrator when something is assigned to them.

CRM updates

  • You can now send your aggregator feeds automatically, on a schedule you define, by SFTP or FTP.
  • We've added expiry date support to rate books and special offers. You will be alerted in advance of the expiry date, and if you do not choose to extend the date, the deals will be taken off the website.
  • We now support Alphabet rate books natively, so you can drag the file into the rate book system without reformatting.

Other updates

We've added new integrations for brokers who use DealerWeb alongside MotorComplete, and we have also added a further level of security to the log on process with 2FA (two-factor authentication) – if you are interested in either of these developments, please let us know.