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Partnership with UK AI company AutoConverse to bring technology to MotorComplete brokers

24 June 2024

A leading automotive AI chat product is set to be available to MotorComplete brokers over the next few months. AutoConverse, which has made a name for itself in the retail market (working with some big dealer groups like TrustFord, Glyn Hopkin, Perrys, and Vospers, to name a few), is going to start offering a custom version of its AI chat technology to MotorComplete brokers.

AutoConverse is looking for forward-thinking MotorComplete customers to join a completely free industry trial over the coming months to see if the technology can increase the number of leads received by brokers. If you’re interested in joining the trial, please visit:

"We’ve been focused on automotive retail for the launch of AutoConverse and have seen massive growth in the previous 12 months. It seems like an optimal time to expand to the broker market using our string partnership with AutoPlatforms and the MotorComplete system. The technology has been proven beyond all doubt in the retail sector; we’ve seen clients double their leads and halve their costs by switching from human-led chat systems, so we want to offer the same benefits to our friends in the broker world"

—Ben Harratt, Chief Technology Officer of AutoConverse Ltd