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Legal dispute leads to renaming of MotorLease to MotorComplete

15 February 2023

Auto Platforms, the company behind MotorLease, has announced a rebranding to MotorComplete following a naming dispute with another company. The change is effective immediately and will enable the business to reinforce its commitment to the leasing broker market and push for further growth.

Since its launch in April 2021, MotorComplete has already recruited 22 leasing brokers onto its books and recently added Britannia Car Leasing to its client list. The platform offers an all-in-one solution for leasing brokers, with an easy setup process, strong pricing management, and ease of ongoing change, making it as easy as possible for brokers to lease cars and vans.

According to Anthony Flack, Managing Director of Auto Platforms, "We have no issue with rebranding from MotorLease to MotorComplete, it's more about the real service we provide. It actually gives us an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to the leasing broker market and push for further growth." Flack aims to double MotorComplete's client base and challenge the status quo of website design and CRM provision.

Flack also highlights the importance of digital in the leasing broker market, stating that "there are still a surprising number of brokers out there whose websites only act in an informational capacity, conveying that they do lease cars and providing contact details. However, forward-looking brokers recognize the critical role that digital must play and continually look for ways to move more vehicles with the same or fewer people, with straight-through processes supported by digital."

MotorComplete's all-in-one broker platform is designed to make it super easy for leasing brokers to do their thing. With everything in one place, brokers can streamline their workflow and save time. MotorComplete also offers a smooth transition from other providers, ensuring an integrated switch with a smooth transfer of client data and no loss of website provision.

Overall, the rebranding of MotorLease to MotorComplete is a positive step forward for the business, giving them a chance to reinforce their commitment to the leasing broker market and provide an even better service to their clients.